dusting off the old scale

22 Apr

So, I haven’t gotten to the point mentally where I am ready to share my actual weight, but I have dusted off the old scale and once I begin working with my Dietitian to get a better grasp of how to approach food, I will begin sharing my progress.  I realize that I’ll probably lose more in the first few weeks because I’m going from eating anything, anytime, anywhere to learning how to eat better and because I’m going from not moving at all to actually trying to move everyday.  I’m so excited!

I started a friendly challenge to get me moving 30 minutes a day and drinking more water.  I went for a walk around the park on Sunday.  I didn’t really break a sweat (I rarely do), but I was breathing harder (which really doesn’t take much work).  I was able to get my 8-8oz glasses of water in as well, which I was happy about…until of course I had to get up 5 times in the middle of the night!  LESSON:  Drink earlier, silly!

Monday was my second day of this challenge.  I drank my water earlier and slept almost through the night–ah I missed you Deep Sleep.  Tuesday and Wednesday were even better….slept the whole night!  YAY!  What a difference it makes to get that water in early!

As far as the moving more part of the challenge, I realized quickly that this would be tough!  About 20 minutes into watching a workout video on Monday, I wanted to “re-think” the situation by trying to rationalize that I had made a mistake joining such a challenge because this BIG girl needs to start off slower than that and work my way up to 30 minutes a day!  But before I could turn off the workout video I was watching, I started feeling doomed and decided to get back up and stop watching the skinny lady with the perfect body on TV workout alone, but join her to finish the 10 minutes I had left.  So I got my butt off the couch and did it!  Hurdle one…stop talking myself out of doing the right thing… I’m 33, not 133 and if my body can carry this weight around, it can stand a low impact workout.

Tuesday, I bounced around a bit from a video to the elliptical to settling on doing some yard work…which somewhat counts since I was digging a trench (don’t ask).  Yesterday, I almost abandoned my challenge as my day was thrown off a little.  At 9:30 I noticed my shoes were staring at me from across the room…as if to say, “Hey you…you going walking today or not?”  I was tired and really wanting to just skip it, but as promised, the boyfriend (actually trying to be supportive in this area) put on his shoes around 10:30pm, grabbed two dogs and put them on their leashes and said, “Let’s Do This!”.  Now, I am not sure if you have dogs, but if you do…you know that once you break out the leash and say the word W-A-L-K, it’s over.  You have committed to the moment they’ve been waiting for all day!!  There they were, tails a’wigglin’, mouths a’droolin’, and ready to hit the door.  I couldn’t very well look into those happy little eyes and stomp on their dreams..so off we went at 10:35 at night (geez)!

We rolled back into the house at 11:22pm after the boyfriend thought it’d be fun not to go around the park, but to walk the dogs up to the store and back.  He then convinced me of a shortcut that I am now pretty sure isn’t a shortcut at all!  The good news…I moved for at least 30 minutes and went about 1.9 miles, something I never thought was possible!  So, I secretly admit that I am glad he had that bright idea!  My shoulders were killing me (I’m thinking it was the pulling from the dog), but my feet were doing ok and I was sweating…which is a great sign!  But the most important thing, I feel good because I went to bed knowing that I tried doing better and pushed myself (or got pushed).  Either way, I did it… now  I pray I can keep it up!!

I am just getting started and as I mentioned before, I’m keeping a food journal for the Dietitian I am meeting with soon.  I think if I can keep a positive attitude and stay focused on my goal, once she starts working with me to give me the tools to re-learn HOW to eat better and optimize my meals, I’m praying I will be unstoppable!

3 Responses to “dusting off the old scale”

  1. Cerise April 26, 2010 at 1:36 pm #

    Hey gal,

    Congratulations. I know that challenge of just actually doing something. My husband of 32 years is my cheerleader. He got quiet for a while and then I had to tell him “cheer”. He moves my little weights and rubber band around so I’ll notice them. He’s rather passive. His idea was to walk around the mall whenever we were in town. I hate the mall so that just hasn’t worked, but he also moved my Gazelle into our other house where I work. Voila! I actually get on it more than I would ever walk around the mall.
    I’m serious when I say, “check out “sparkpeople.com””. It’s a great website and you can get more encouragement than you would ever imagine or just enough to get you going.

  2. Results Not Typical Girl April 29, 2010 at 2:35 pm #

    Hey Chica! I thought I left a comment the other day but it’s not showing up so either I forgot to hit send or it’s just waiting on moderation. Either way, I thought I’d say hi again. You have to check out the funny video clip I posted last night about Wrinkled Ladies. So funny it will make you want to tinkle, ha! Hope you’re having a great day! Hugs, Kirsten

    • oddsagainstme April 30, 2010 at 1:57 am #

      Hi! Kirsten! Thanks so much for leaving this comment. No, I didn’t see another one, but I did get a chance to check out that video and your latest post! That’s AWESOME! I am cracking up! I am going to have to send that out to a few peeps. Truly hysterical!

      As far as your post…I totally agree with you…WL surgery on the surface looks like the easier way to go. So far, I’ve been BLESSED enough not to have required any surgery before and feel like I should exhaust ALL options before going that route. This “healthier lifestyle” option may be slower, but I am actually enjoying it. And at the end of the day…I am just a big chicken…I’m too scared to go under the knife for this (not yet anyway). Hopefully doing it this way will keep me from having to sing the Wrinkled Ladies song in a few years…maybe I can figure out a way to stay moisturized and tone while I SLOWLY lose the weight… At least I PRAY that helps a little.

      Have a wonderful evening and thanks so MUCH for the laugh!

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