verdict: burger o’ portobello

15 May

So I wanted to give you an update on the portobello experiment yesterday…  D E L I S H!

Much to my surprise, the boyfriend (TB) didn’t change his mind.  Not only did he still want to make the portobello burger, he had stopped by the store to pick up all the ingredients and hit the door running!  He was pumped!  So, he chopped and sliced, roasted and diced and about 30 minutes later….viola…we had yummy grilled portobello burgers.

I had originally planned on taking a picture, but OPPS…. I completely forgot and once I took that first bite, it was all over.  We were hooked!  Next time I make them, I will try and take a pic to share with you guys.  But until then, check out that recipe again on my previous post!  I love Big Daddy’s House on Food Network!  Mad props to Aaron McCargo, Jr. on this recipe.  Here’s a pic from the video:

I highly recommend this recipe.  The tomatoes, roasted pepper, onion and feta are simply a magical combination.  This will definitely become my new fav salsa treat (when I have some extra calories to spare given the feta).  Something about that salsa tastes like pizza (in my opinion)…it’s probably the fresh oregano that really makes this so yummy!  Either way! Going to give this 5 stars:  Delicious AND Nutritious!

After dinner our neighbor (and drinking buddy),  came over to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather and a glass o’ wine!  Being a fellow meat & potato head himself, he seemed a little worried about TB’s dinner choice….suggesting that maybe TB was keeping a secret from him about his health…finding no other reason why someone would choose to eat a meatless burger.

TB brought out the salsa mixture that we had left over and some yummy pita chips to let our neighbor taste.  By the end of the night, he was hooked too!  So, tally that up…these burgers just converted 2 meat & potato heads into 2 veggie burger luvin’ men!  I call that a culinary success!  This one goes into the record books, folks…my boyfriend is actually enjoying healthier foods and got full from his first meatless meal!  I couldn’t be more proud!

2 Responses to “verdict: burger o’ portobello”

  1. Marlayna May 15, 2010 at 2:25 pm #

    I’m so impressed!!! To me, this is a huge success story!!! You are not just making healthier choices; you’re experimenting and creating. Now you’ve got a yummy salsa and a burger!!!

    I believe the key to living a healthy lifestyle is focusing on the positives- the foods that you enjoy making (or eating) that are both delicious and healthy. Cooking and eating have always been a huge part of how we interact socially. Usually, social eating causes weight gain. You (my friend) have taken a giant step in the right direction, because you changed the normal social behavior (which has caused problems) into a positive lifestyle behavior. Awesome Job!

    I look forward to seeing pictures or your own video in the near future 🙂

  2. Cerise May 17, 2010 at 11:43 am #

    I just don’t like big potabellas. You are braver than I am. I love Aaron’s food too, but it normally isn’t very healthy. I can’t eat fried foods or much cheese and he does a lit of both. I think I just like him. Now if all the guys on Food Network would slim down the “this bad boy” comment I would be happier. Bon apetit!

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