step 1: re-focus

15 Aug

So as I mentioned in my last post, I am going to find things that will help me stay focused on WHY I am on this journey!  I had a great conversation this week with my “weight-loss buddy” or better said, my accountability coach!  We talked a little about my posts and where my head was now.

I love blogging because it helps me work out issues, regroup, and brainstorm.  I love my readers and friends because they support me and help me get back on track.  My AC (accountability coach) had a great idea for a project over the next few weeks which would help me to become more aware of the positive choices I make everyday!

Basically what she wants me to do is create an area on the blog where I write my “Coulda, Buts”  Sounds strange right!?  A “Coulda, But” simply means I could have done this, but instead chose to do that.  Example (and one of today’s Coulda, Buts) I Coulda sneaked into that bag of Kettle Chips, But instead wrote a sticky on the “snack counter” that says, “THIS ALL ADDS UP!  PROCEED WITH CAUTION!”  🙂  And to be honest…that felt pretty good!

The point of the Coulda, Buts is to acknowledge the positive choices that I make everyday and give me something that I can look back on and point to when I’m not giving myself enough credit or if I’m being hard on myself.

In addition to the Coulda, Buts, Emily–my fab RD–gave me another great exercise that should help me to stay focused when I need a little extra boost of willpower and motivation.  She suggested that I create a list of reasons why I chose to go on this journey.  This exercise will serve as my reminder of why losing weight is important to me.  Something that I can revisit in moments of weakness or when I feel myself slipping back into old habits.

What do you think?

I plan on posting these this weekend, I’ll probably stick them up under that big empty space called “My Journey” so I can get to them easily!

In the meantime, I’d love to hear what your “Coulda Buts” are for today or why you chose to go on this journey!


4 Responses to “step 1: re-focus”

  1. Fit B August 16, 2010 at 1:52 am #

    I love that idea of “coulda buts”! Makes you feel good and realize really how much you have changed and grown through this healthy journey!
    I think the list is a great idea too, something you can tack in your kitchen or near the front door, somewhere where you need an extra push to either workout more, or eat less junk, etc.
    I chose to go on this journey to set a good healthy role model for my daughter and just to feel better about myself. I must admit it has become more about me now that her haha, my workout time has become my me time and I am loving the way I look more and more each month!
    A coulda but for me for this weekend would be last night when everyone in my house decided on chinese food for dinner. I coulda easily got something greasy and ate it and regretted it in the morning but instead I chose to have steamed veggies and white rice and besides the grease looks better on them haha

    • oddsagainstme August 16, 2010 at 3:25 am #

      Yes, I have my list on the computer (a place I am when I usually start getting the munchies) and next to my bed. And then I have a few sticky notes with a few of the reasons throughout the house (one on the fridge, one on the exercise bike and one on the bathroom mirror)! The boyfriend thinks I am a little strange! LOL!

      WOOHOO!!! Way to go on your “Coulda But” this weekend! Emily says that the hardest part is getting through the 2 seconds it takes to make the decision to say no to temptation. And the funny thing is…. the healthier alternative seems to taste a little better when I know I picked it over something disastrous! Is that just me? I guess it’s that crazy feeling of being full and proud versus full and ashamed! LOL!

      Here’s to a new week full of great choices! (*clink*clink*)

    • Skinnygene (MB) August 16, 2010 at 6:28 pm #

      Oddsagainstme- great job passing on those chips!! I really like that you beat the temptation for a quick (but calorie filled) munch, by doing another action (the post-it note)that will help you fight future temptations. Brilliant!

      Fit B- Great Job reaching for those steamed veggies 🙂 I really like what you said about your motivation being your daughter, but in the process you’ve also begun doing it for yourself. Fantastic!

  2. Karen@WaistingTime August 17, 2010 at 12:08 pm #

    I think it is an interesting idea. It will focus you on the little successes you have along the way.

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