My Journey

I read the blogs of so many courageous and strong-willed individuals who are struggling (or have struggled) along their own personal journey to a healthier life.  These amazing people help to create a support system that makes this journey more bearable for me and so many others.  They talk about their successes and admit their struggles by writing about the hard times.  They are determined and move past the bad days and onto the good ones.  There in lies my inspiration to keep on keeping on. I hope that someday I can return the favor by helping someone else.  Whether it is sharing a lesson I learned about nutrition or giving them the details of my journey so they can avoid the pitfalls that I will inevitably make….I created this section to share the specifics of my journey and the inside scoop on my progress.

The “Program”

As I’ve mentioned before, I am simply learning to eat right and understand what food means for my body and what I should look for when putting together each meal.  I have partnered with an organization near and dear to me, The Skinny Gene Project to help me with this transformation.  I have a team dedicated to teaching me about nutrition and my body, and making me think of food in a way that I never have before.  For those interested, I want to share more details on what I am doing specifically and what kind of results I am getting for those efforts.

My Team

I have the support of not only my family and friends, but I am blessed to have the amazing support of a wonderful Registered Dietitian, Emily Barr.  Emily is my teacher, motivator and supporter.  As an R.D., she is uber-knowledgeable about nutrition and has a passion for helping people (like myself) gain a new appreciation of the complex human body and an understanding of the small intricacies of the metabolism.  She is a part of the Skinny Gene Team, whose mission it is to educate, empower and prevent diabetes.  I am so happy to have Emily on my team as my catalyst throughout this journey!

The Nitty-Gritty

I want to start getting down to the nitty-gritty and sharing some of the wonderful things that I am learning as well as my weekly progress.  I will be doing this through posts, but to make it as easy as possible to follow my progress, I will try to update “The Week In Review” to keep this a little more organized!  Each week I will give you a sneak peek into my journey.  It could be a weigh in, a letter to or from my team, the details of my weekly challenge, or maybe even a good healthy find I made while at the market.  Stay tuned and check back often…oh yeah, and tell me what you think!

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