Alrighty…here they are…my coulda, buts!

What’s a “Coulda, But” you ask?

A list of the positive choices I make when tempted to go on the dark side.  We all have them…this is just a list to help me remember that I can and DO make good decisions!  Here’s an example:  I coulda had a small bite of the boyfriend’s chocolate ice cream with brownie chunks, but had a chocolate pudding with a few roasted almonds instead!  SCORE!  It was SO good!  🙂

I invite anyone and everyone to join in on the fun!  Do you have any coulda, buts today?

August 15:

  • I coulda splurged and ordered a burger and fries from Sonic today, but instead I ordered a grilled chicken wrap with no dressing and no fries.  I ate half of it…and it was sinfully delish (yet not that bad for me!)
  • I coulda had a second helping of my cousin’s delicious roast tonight, but I got up instead and got rid of my plate and grabbed a glass of milk.
  • I coulda had ice cream for dessert along with the rest of my family, but I got up and helped my sister wash dishes (surely I burned some calories in that kitchen!)  🙂

August 16th:

  • coulda skipped lunch, but I grabbed an oatmeal bar, piece of fruit and and low fat string cheese stick for the road (on the way to a job interview).

August 17th:

  • I coulda been tempted to eat some of that warm buttery popcorn at the movies, but instead I made sure that it was sitting further than an arm’s length away from me in the theater.

August 18th:

  • coulda snagged a few almonds in the kitchen today, but instead I had a big glass of water and an apple…I’ll have the almonds later with my pudding!  😉

August 21st:

  • coulda walked right passed the All Bran this morning and gone about my day, but I made myself go back and eat breakfast.  Also made some tea to get back on track with my water (I put a little bit of unsweetened green tea in my water for little flavor boost–keeps things interesting!)

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