My Reasons

Per the suggestion of my wonderful dietitian, Emily, here is my list of reasons why I decided to take this journey towards a healthier Dee.  This list should serve as a reminder when I need a little help getting over the humps and those brief moments of weakness.

  1. More energy
  2. Feel better (less aches & pains)
  3. More fashion flexibility (ability to buy cuter–and cheaper–clothes)
  4. Stop getting “looks” when people judge me based on my outer appearance
  5. Like my reflection
  6. Create picture perfect moments (be in the picture, not just taking them)
  7. Freedom to travel in comfort
  8. Ability to be more active
  9. More stamina so I can keep up with friends and family
  10. Don’t let my outer appearance hold me back in my career
  11. Have fun socializing
  12. Be comfortable going to the doctor
  13. Find an active hobby
  14. Live life, not just watch it
  15. Renew my love of being social
  16. One day I MIGHT want children
  17. Improved relationships
  18. Look great in a wedding dress (ONE DAY)
  19. See the world
  20. Prevent disease & poor health
  21. Regain my self-confidence
  22. Feel good in my skin
  23. Wear sleeveless shirts
  24. Not have to worry about seating at a restaurant
  25. Freedom to just be me!!

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