Smart Food

Oh man!  Where have I been?  Why am I just now finding out about these AWESOME snacks!

My friends over at Skinny Gene Healthy Mommas recently posted about a healthy snack called Smart Food Popcorn Clusters!

I realize that I am extremely late to the party, but in the event that anyone else has been living under a rock, I am passing this along to you!

Yesterday I was at Target and found one lonely box sitting there.  While I would have preferred the chocolate cookie carmel pecan version, my only option was cranberry almond.  It definitely didn’t sound as sinful as its chocolaty sibling, but what the heck…I figured I can try anything once!

Not being a huge fan of cranberries (unless if being served with turkey and dressing), I was honestly shocked.

The serving size is perfect!  I’d say the package has what equates to a good handful of popcorn clusters!  Anymore I would have a hard time justifying that I wasn’t blowing my healthy eating mission!  The cranberry was actually good and worked well with the little bits of almond!  As I was eating them, I was a little concerned that the sweetness meant I was eating a lot of sugar and worried if this would make me hungrier instead of hold me over until dinner time.

Happy to report that dinner is cooking now and no grazing has ensued!  Yay!

I’d definitely recommend these yummy treats if you haven’t tried them yet.  The sad news is that the Target by my house said that these were being “clearanced out”, which is why they only had one box left.  Not sure what that means exactly, but I know I will be checking around to find some more!

Oh wait…I almost failed to mention the best part of these sugary little treats of goodness…. their nutritional value!  Check it out:

As my fave Food Network star, Alton Brown would say, that’s Good Eats!  🙂


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