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less is more

18 Apr
Ok, I am about to head out, but wanted to tell you about this crazy revelation I had… LESS IS MORE!  Ok, you’re saying…Dee, that’s old news!  But it’s new news to me!  Less high fat/high calorie options equals more food on my plate and in my tummy!
I just had the most filling lunch AND I think it just may have been some what healthy!!  Granted, now that I’ve taken the time to put it in my food diary, I see some areas of improvement, but I still think it beats what I was GOING to have…PIZZA!
I made egg whites, with diced vegetables and cubed chicken (anyone else think it’s weird to eat chicken with eggs?  Seems so strange, but it’s what I had available), and of course a little cheese.  Next time around, I think I will skip the chicken for something a little better (or at least trade out the dark meat with white meat) and then swap out my full fat cheese for low-fat/or maybe even NO FAT!  We shall see…only time will tell.
Ok, that’s all for now!  Toodles..time to SHOP!