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step 1: re-focus

15 Aug

So as I mentioned in my last post, I am going to find things that will help me stay focused on WHY I am on this journey!  I had a great conversation this week with my “weight-loss buddy” or better said, my accountability coach!  We talked a little about my posts and where my head was now.

I love blogging because it helps me work out issues, regroup, and brainstorm.  I love my readers and friends because they support me and help me get back on track.  My AC (accountability coach) had a great idea for a project over the next few weeks which would help me to become more aware of the positive choices I make everyday!

Basically what she wants me to do is create an area on the blog where I write my “Coulda, Buts”  Sounds strange right!?  A “Coulda, But” simply means I could have done this, but instead chose to do that.  Example (and one of today’s Coulda, Buts) I Coulda sneaked into that bag of Kettle Chips, But instead wrote a sticky on the “snack counter” that says, “THIS ALL ADDS UP!  PROCEED WITH CAUTION!”  🙂  And to be honest…that felt pretty good!

The point of the Coulda, Buts is to acknowledge the positive choices that I make everyday and give me something that I can look back on and point to when I’m not giving myself enough credit or if I’m being hard on myself.

In addition to the Coulda, Buts, Emily–my fab RD–gave me another great exercise that should help me to stay focused when I need a little extra boost of willpower and motivation.  She suggested that I create a list of reasons why I chose to go on this journey.  This exercise will serve as my reminder of why losing weight is important to me.  Something that I can revisit in moments of weakness or when I feel myself slipping back into old habits.

What do you think?

I plan on posting these this weekend, I’ll probably stick them up under that big empty space called “My Journey” so I can get to them easily!

In the meantime, I’d love to hear what your “Coulda Buts” are for today or why you chose to go on this journey!


i’ve been down and out

15 Jul

Ok, let’s flip that and reverse it–I’ve been out and down.

I’ve been out (of touch that is) for far too long!!

And I’ve been down lately…fortunately I am not talking about my mood, but my SCALE!  Yep, that’s right folks!  I am moving on down.  So far I am on track, losing a healthy amount of weight each week.  I am mixing up my activity and searching high and low for healthy alternatives to satisfy the occasional craving.

It’s been a while since I last checked in and I am having withdrawals from you guys!  I hope you are all enjoying July and the warm weather.  Here are a few updates on my journey:

I am now in my ninth week of working with Emily (my awesome dietitian) and although I haven’t checked in on my blog lately, I have had weekly meetings with Emily to keep me on track.  I am having so much fun–something that I would never say about dieting.  The great thing about having Emily on Team Dee is that she really challenges me, but wants to make sure that I don’t get burned out.  Each week I learn about a new nutrition concept or work on mastering a concept that she taught me the week before.  We are taking this slow, at a pace that works for me and she really works with me not only to understand each aspect of the lesson, but find practical ways for me to successfully incorporate these learnings into my lifestyle!  This is really terrific!  She has taught me about the importance of Fiber, Fats, Carbs and now we are working on making sure that I am getting the right kind of carbs in my diet.  I’ve had a few grocery assignments to help me stock up on some healthy and yummy snacks that not only taste good, but are good for me.  She is slowly giving me an internal (and dare I say…external) makeover.

What I love most about this experience with Emily is that she is sincerely passionate about making sure that I not only make better decisions, but understand why I should make them and teaches me how to make them on my own.

Whether it is preparing a meal at home or eating out with friends, I am learning how to make smarter choices and do something that I haven’t done in such a long time…have an occasional splurge.  Pre-SkinnyGene (which is what I will refer to my life before Emily), every day, every meal was what someone with a “normal” diet may call a splurge.  I would eat out every meal for weeks and not bat an eye.  A typical day could have easily consisted of skipping breakfast, having fried chicken tenders, french fries and garlic bread for lunch, and then sharing a pizza with TB for dinner.  Now, if I go out at all, I crave a yummy sandwich from Subway.  You’d be surprised.  Once you detox from a high fat/high carb diet, you really don’t crave it as much as you would think.  I must admit that I eat more than I feel like I should at Subway, but it’s SO good.  My sandwich of choice…Turkey and Black Forest Ham on Wheat (no cheese lots of veggies, with honey mustard dressing–that they say is Fat Free, but it sure tastes sinful!!)

Also, since I’ve been gone I had a few great mood lifters as well.  TB told me the other day that he was beginning to notice a little difference in my pants.  I didn’t believe him because they felt the same to me, but shortly after that I started going into my closet and pulling out a few things that I had tucked away about a year ago because they were too tight.  And sure enough, they are fitting a little better these days!  They aren’t perfect just yet, but the fact that I can wear them out of the house is a HUGE step in the right direction!!

So in short (yea right…nothing I ever write is SHORT!), I am doing great and feeling great!  How are you guys?

my quest to find a new relationship

27 May

So, as I mentioned before, the plan was to start working with a dietitian.  Now, it is official…I have started a program that will teach me how my body uses food as well as gives me a solid understanding of how to make healthier choices.  As you know, my mission is to lose weight, but this time I’m looking for a real lifestyle change with long-term implications.

I’ve failed many times before with gimmicks, pills, and offers like “read this book and lose weight”, “buy this expensive equipment and watch the pounds melt away”, and of course I’ve tried more traditional methods like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers and found some short-term success with their special meals and meetings.  I learned a lot from each one of these attempts at weight loss.  1) There are no magic pills, potions or lotions    2) An exercise machine is only good if you USE it    3) The books (and corresponding cookbooks) look great on my bookshelf, but do very little for my “back shelf”–aka my behind    4) I find pre-made foods limiting    5) I don’t love the idea of carrying around a sliding scale at the grocery store just to figure out how many Points there are in a serving of Honey Bunches of Oats

There are so many people who swear by these methods and I am ecstatic for those who have used them and found long-term success, but I am tired of “dieting”.  I just want to be “normal” and not have to think about food all the time.  I want to eat NORMAL foods that I can get from a grocery store.  I don’t want to rush to a weekly meeting to stand in line and weigh in.  I want to learn how to have a simple, normal, HEALTHY relationship with food.

Don’t get me wrong…I know all relationships take some work.  And just like the start of any great relationship, I am ready to dedicate some serious time getting to know my body… learning about its little quirks, discovering what it likes and dislikes and uncovering what really turns it on.  I am ready to work hard at this.  I totally expect good days and bad days, highs and lows, days to celebrate and moments where I will just need a timeout and a little “space”.  I am ready to put 100% into this and in return I want to get to a point where I am not consumed by it.  Where making healthy choices is second nature, not something that I can only do by picking up a sliding scale or warming up a pre-packaged meal…a simple, “it looks too good to be true” kind of love.

Losing weight is hard  (gaining it…not so much) and I’ve watched myself fail too many times.  I’ve mastered the art of STARTING diets, but reaching my goals…well that’s unchartered territory.  I’ve had ENOUGH!!  I need a team that will keep me motivated, be supportive and give me the tools to do this for the long haul.

The Fisherman by Håkon Iversen

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”   – Chinese Proverb

I don’t want to be dependent on any special meals, pills, food calculations, etc…  I want to learn how to read labels and figure out what it all means, appreciate food for what it is–a source of energy, understand what I am putting into my body and learn to really maximize the benefits of each meal that I eat.  I also want to understand why my body does what it does….  Why when I only eat 2 meals a day, I still gain weight?  Why am I never thirsty?  Why am I always so tired?  How many calories should I be getting?  How can I get my body to work with me based on MY current situation?  The list goes on and on…

So, today marks the beginning of the second week of working with Emily, my dietitian, who you will hear more about throughout this journey.  Over the last month, I have provided Emily with some assessments that gave her a look into the secret window of my life.  What, when, how much I eat……What I like, dislike, love and can’t live without…what motivates me, bums me out, and really sets me off….What I’m at risk for, my family history, my physical limitations….you get the point…

She’s taken the time to understand where I’m coming from and is designing a plan just for ME and now she joins me on my journey and I couldn’t be more thrilled!  In the last week, she’s already explained a lot about my body, the metabolism and even gave me a few homework assignments.

This post is already crazy long, so I will save the details for my next post.  I am super excited and want to share some of the information that I’ve already learned and share my progress so far after working with Emily over the last week!

In the meantime, I thought I’d try to make this a little more interactive and hopefully hear back from my 4 blog buddies (yes, I now have FOUR AWESOME subscribers to my blog…I AM SO EXCITED!).

What kind of relationship do you have with your body?  What would it say about you?

Reply in the comment section…I really want to get to know you guys!


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