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i think he’s trying to kill me

30 May

Whew…Not sure what’s going on with my body these last few days.  I am exhausted!  I wake up tired so I am dragging booty all day.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with the ability to go back to sleep once I get up, so once those eyes are open and I am mentally alert,  G A M E    O V E R.  Then, as we begin our day full of errands, I drag myself into the insane heat which is Texas this time of year and I literally feel what little energy I have being sucked out of my body almost immediately!  I often times wish we could move to a cooler climate.

And to make matters worse, I am pretty sure the boyfriend is trying to kill me.  He has always been my opposite (and as they say, we’re supposed to attract).    He likes to spend money, I like to save money.  He’s full of jokes (at least he thinks they are funny) and I am at times more serious.  He’s great with his hands, and I am anything but handy.  He’s a neat freak and I am a creative mind!  His idea of a great weekend is walking around in the heat all day or spending the day on the boat….my idea of a great weekend is being in air conditioning, preferably lounging on a couch.  He’s full of energy and I…well..now we’ve come full circle.

So jury, I present you with the following evidence that suggests I should be in fear for my life:

Let’s go back a few days to Friday evening.  It was time to cut the grass, a job that he typically does solo.  Last week, being in need of my 30-minutes of exercise, I decided to assist (a first for me).  Now I admit, it was very enjoyable, almost therapeutic.  But it is important that the ladies and gentlemen of the jury understand that this scene played out on a nice unseasonably cool day which helped contribute to my positive attitude and willingness to help out.

So on this hot evening, when temperatures were still at about 90 degrees, the boyfriend excitedly announces…”Time to cut the grass!”  After being outside in the heat for about 5 minutes I wondered if he was nuts!  The answer is YES!  I was able to escape this torture by convincing him to let it cool down just a little.  So about 30 minutes later it was probably 85 degrees and we began edging and weed-eating, mowing and blowing.  On this particular evening he requested that the yard be cut on a diagonal.  I admit, I have always been fond of yards cut on a diagonal, but now that I have had to do it, I question if the homeowner just doesn’t have anything better to do with their time.  It took TWICE as long to do that, and let’s just say, it takes some serious skills to get perfectly straight lines (which I did not achieve this time).  Needless to say, I was weak in the knees kind of tired after that and by the time Saturday rolled around my battery was still not completely recharged.  This brings us to Saturday…a new day and time to hit the road yet again!  Yesterday’s agenda was to get the necessary equipment to wash and wax the boat (*cry*), go buy a Wii because he thought it would be the perfect way to have fun while being active (also due to my constant moaning about the heat and because HE LIKES TO SPEND MONEY), and last but not least he wanted to work on finally completing our outdoor project of building a greenhouse which has carried on far to long now.  Does this sounds like a lot of work to anyone else out there besides me?  I am pretty convinced that the boyfriend is trying to kill me.  He has never pushed me as hard as he is pushing me now.  I am not sure when we began to grow apart.  The boyfriend has always acknowledged my limits and has never asked me for much–certainly never expecting this level of activity in the past.  Which is probably how we’ve made it in this relationship so far.

I admit to the jury that over the last few weeks, I have tried to move more to strengthen my heart.  But did this give him the right to torture me?  What is clear is that somewhere along the line he became very confused and now believes he is dating a new woman.  He seems to think that I can be the machine that he is.  I ask, “Is this the beginning of the end?”  I believe the evidence speaks for itself.  It is clear that he is trying to kill the old me…the one that has been by his side through thick and thin over the years, the one who has laughed at his silly jokes, rolled her eyes at his crazy talk, endured his little quirks, and reminded him often how much I completed him.  Yes, we think the evidence is quite clear.  We rest our case.

For the first time, I feel too old for him.  I feel like he should look for some young little thing to replace me.  [Note:  He is actually about a year older than me, but an active little booger].

May the Lord give me strength!  Today we are supposed to finish working on the projects that we started yesterday.  It’s almost 1pm…I’ve been up for about 2 hours and I am already ready for a nap.  This is pathetic!  Blog friends…wish this girl luck…it’s going to be a LONG day!!!