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a little about me, this blog and my mission

5 Apr

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog.

No, this isn’t a blog about gambling, well at least not in the casino-style…lose your money kind of way.

This blog is about my personal journey to save my own life.  I have been blessed to have drawn a favorable hand for 33 years, but it doesn’t take a doctor to tell me the direction that I am headed.  The battle I am fighting is one that many people fight every day.  What I am seeking is simple: a way to live a healthier life and dodge the many diseases and conditions that I’ve set myself up for over the years.  My goal is to lower my odds of getting the various ailments that I am now at risk for, either by genetics or just by simply making poor choices.

My name is Dee and I decided to start this blog for many reasons.

  1. To acknowledge that I have a problem—I can see it and more importantly, I can feel it.
  2. To hold myself accountable to making a real change this time.
  3. To create a dialogue with many others who have already started down this journey in their personal lives who may be able to offer advice and good old-fashioned support.
  4. To meet people just like me who struggle with knowing that they need to make a change, but lack the gumption to take that first step
  5. To journal the highs and lows of this journey—I know it won’t be easy…if I thought it was going to be…I would have done this long ago.

I chose the title, Odds Against Me, not to imply defeat or to give myself an excuse when I inevitably try to justify my way out of this, but more to acknowledge that I know what I am up against.  I am not a betting kind of girl…never have been and never will be (just not good at it).  But some simple research indicates that I am a person at high risk and every day, week, or month that goes by, I gamble away something precious—my health.

There are many vices out there and things that we can easily develop unhealthy relationships with, so this journey is not unlike any other journey for the millions of people who one day wake up and realize that they have to actively take charge of their lives and make some changes before it is too late.  I am just one more person who has decided to fight.  I recognize that I am vulnerable and there are many factors working against me.  I could easily choose to continue to do nothing as if this was going to magically fix itself.  But let’s get real here….it’s past time to put up a fight.  The way I see it, I have nothing and everything to lose.

Contrary to many misconceptions, I (like many others) didn’t get this way because of a lack of education, lack of funds or because I am lazy.  I hold a degree, I work hard to climb the corporate ladder (a bit of a workaholic), I volunteer to create opportunities for others to take steps to better themselves and I am clear of my health risks.  I am not going to say I got this way due to genetics, albeit there are some genetic factors that help to put me further at risk.  I sit here today to take responsibility for simply deciding to focus my energies elsewhere and unfortunately not always practicing what I might preach to others.  But alas, it is less important how I got here and way more important what I will do to change things now that this is my reality.

This journey is my attempt to get off the slippery slope which leads to deadly conditions like high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancers, gallbladder disease and so much more.  While I don’t have all the answers and don’t know how this will end…I do know that I want to live a healthier life and make better choices.  So, here we are…a journal about my battle to live.  Understanding how blessed I am to still be here to even write these words.

This blog marks the beginning of a long overdue journey.  While I don’t have control over many things in my life, I do realize that I must take the first step to give myself a fighting chance at a longer and healthier life.  So I am ready to embark on the fight of my life… regardless if the odds are against me!