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what motivates you?

29 Apr

So, as I climbed on the scale this morning and watched the numbers bouncing around, building up the unneeded suspense on just how well I am doing so far, I held my breath and waited for some good (or maybe not so good) news.  When the numbers finally settled down and blinked (to indicate that the scale had made up its mind)…I was pleasantly surprised and did my little victory shuffle.

Down 2 lbs from the last time I weighed!  I’ll take that for sure!  Nothing is more motivating than seeing progress…be it in a pair of too tight jeans or the actual numbers on the scale.  These little victories all add up!   When I am feeling tired and it sounds a lot better to continue sitting on the couch than getting up and going for a walk…it’s these rare moments of victory that light a fire and get me going!

I realize on this journey, I won’t always have losses (at least on the scale) and probably need another way to stay motivated, so I decided to start a list of rewards that I can look forward to when I reach little milestones.  Of course, this will also require me to set some short-term goals in the process.

So over the next few days, I will be thinking of little milestones and the fun goodies that I will reward myself with along the way!  YAY…I love presents!

In the meantime…any suggestions?  What motivates you?