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mr. meat & potatoes likes asparagus

12 Apr

So today, we tried asparagus!  By we I mean me and the boyfriend.  He is one of those manly men who thinks a meal consists of meat and…well meat.  Every once in a while he may choose a vegetable, but we’re talking potato, broccoli, corn or green beans.  Beyond that…probably not going to eat it.

But today, we put some fresh asparagus on the grill and he said he’d try it.  Surprise, surprise….there were no left overs tonight!  So we found another veggie that we can add to his short list.  Easy to make and taste great!

Check out the pics and recipe under Reviews –> Playing With Food.  I also put in an article that has a great list of the health benefits of asparagus!  Who knew these little veggies packed such a powerful punch!



just try it…you just might like it…

11 Apr

I realize that this journey is going to require change and a part of that change is trying new things.  I created a new page on this blog (Reviews) all about my new experiences.  You can find the link at the top of this page.  As I try new things and begin finding healthier alternatives to some of my current vices (like tortilla chips), I want to share those with you.  If you have things that you’ve already swapped out during your journey or just suggestions in general, please share!

Today, in an effort to try new things that are healthier, I attempted to make butternut squash.  I’ve posted a little blurb about this experience under Reviews, in a new section I created called “Playing With Food”…please check it out and let me know if you have any suggestions!