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meat man wants portobello burger for dinner

13 May

I can’t believe my ears.  I just got off the phone with Mr. Meat & Potatoes and he excitedly told me that he’d like to make portobello burgers for dinner!  I had to really stop myself from laughing out loud!

This is Mr. “I’ll take a Ribeye with a side of Ribeye” not Mr. “A complete meal consists of a vegetable”…

And now he wants a fully vegetarian meal for dinner?  You betcha!  I just hope he doesn’t change his mind between now and the time he gets off work!

Hooray!  Could it be that he is slowly reforming?  OR could it be that this is his culinary substitution for roses…in which case, I wonder what he did wrong today?!  LOL!

I am totally stoked!  I just went on to FoodNetwork.com to see what I could quickly find  as a recipe for Portobello Burgers.  So many to choose from!

Here’s what I decided to try tonight:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’ll let you know how it goes.  In the meantime, anybody out there have another cherished portobello burger recipe that you’d recommend?  If you don’t respond before dinner time…no worries…I can always try it out during the next blue moon!  😉

Yummy Healthy Dinner…Here we come!!!

mr. meat & potatoes likes asparagus

12 Apr

So today, we tried asparagus!  By we I mean me and the boyfriend.  He is one of those manly men who thinks a meal consists of meat and…well meat.  Every once in a while he may choose a vegetable, but we’re talking potato, broccoli, corn or green beans.  Beyond that…probably not going to eat it.

But today, we put some fresh asparagus on the grill and he said he’d try it.  Surprise, surprise….there were no left overs tonight!  So we found another veggie that we can add to his short list.  Easy to make and taste great!

Check out the pics and recipe under Reviews –> Playing With Food.  I also put in an article that has a great list of the health benefits of asparagus!  Who knew these little veggies packed such a powerful punch!